My photographs explore the transition between the figurative and the abstract while honing in on the minutiae and often unexpected beauty of my everyday surroundings. I am interested in how humans interact with their environment and the materials and traces their activities leave behind.
For me taking photographs is not a mere matter of recording what I see, but a continuous search for that unique, almost spiritual experience when all the elements, regardless of how incongruous they may be, flow into a seemingly unifying (and memorable) whole. With my photographs i refrain from digital manipulation. 
2020 marked the beginning of a new era for me. As with so many others, the global pandemic impacted by way of intensifying my awareness and my thinking. It led me to reflect more deeply: a new sense of being in a different world. Absorbing world issues and events like a sponge on a daily basis, renders a seeping of traces of that consciousness into my works perhaps inevitable.
The creative process of my collages is an intuitive one and involves the almost exclusive use of my own photographs and graphics. This provides me with a sense of intimacy and integrity that I appreciate as meaningful.  JS
Juergen Sarge lives and works in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany.

since 1991  /  owner  / sarge gestaltung & realisation gmbh / design, graphic, photography for various international companies /
1987-1991 / creative director / agfa / bonn, germany
1987 / diploma / design, visual communication
1986-1987 / academic tutor / fh cologne / design
1981-1987 / studies art and visual communication / fh cologne (intern. school of design cologne) / prof. hans buschfeld 
1978-1980 / studies photography / darkroom technic / painting / fos cologne / isolde luckert, pablo karge 

2022 / shortlisted / royal academy of arts london / summer exhibition
2019 / winner / gallery ph21 international competition / project „kohle“ / solo exhibition budapest
2017 / honorable mention / gallery ph21 international competition / „punctum“ / budapest
2017 / winner / gallery ph21 international competition / „mono“ / group exhibition budapest
2001 / first price / marketing service frankfurt / modular display design for sony cameras & vaio 
1986 / first price / photography & graphic design / 22. adolf grimme award, marl germany
1980 / winner / photo competition „cologne“ / stadtsparkasse köln

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